Doctor Who: 42 To Doomsday
42 To Doomsday - Unleash the Hoard(ers)!

42 To Doomsday - Unleash the Hoard(ers)!

November 18, 2022

Episode 106 - Rob and Mark are joined by our special guest, Aron Challinger and in this episode listen to Aron recount how he came across one of the largest and oldest collection of domestic home video tapes in Australia and the strange story attached to them and the possibility of missing material Doctor Who or otherwise included in this haul?

42 to Doomsday - All of Space & Time (For $11.99!)

42 to Doomsday - All of Space & Time (For $11.99!)

November 1, 2022
Episode 105 - As the Chris Chibnall / Jodie Whitaker era of Doctor Who fades into the time vortex, Rob, Mark and special guest Rob Lloyd discuss (not review!) the 13th Doctor swan song / BBC Centennial special 'The Pow(d)er of the Doctor'.  Join us as we highlight out likes, dislikes and what we thought about those numerous (French) kisses to the past.  Did they add or diminish our enjoyment of this story and which Rob will align to which host's view of the episode?
All this plus the news that Doctor Who will be joined at the hip to the House of Mouse and what impacts this will have to particularly overseas audiences and 
current licensees of the program.  And should we be worried by the Americanisation of our favourite programme?
42 To Doomsday - Doctor Down Under ’83

42 To Doomsday - Doctor Down Under ’83

October 2, 2022

Episode 104 - During April of 1983, Peter Davison was shipped from good ol' Blighty to the colonies for a breakneck promotional tour of our Great Southern Land to meet and greet the general public and Doctor Who fans within the confines of our largest department chain, Myer!

This 'blink and you miss it' visit lives on in the memories of only the select few who attended.  However, through the miracle of the internet, the mighty Australian Doctor Who zine, Zerinza, plus the recollections of our wonderful listeners, Mark and Rob decamp for 1983 and revisit Peter Davison's tour of our shores where he dazzled hundreds, nay, thousands of impressionable Australian youths.

Join us as we recount those wonderful times as well as an interview with local journalist, Chris Middendorp, who was there on the day Doctor Who came to Melbourne!

All this plus 'who was that terrible woman?' Mrs (or should that be Lieutenant!) Scott?, Rob continues his work as the 'unofficial' advocate of South Australian tourism and listen to the very end for a bizarre interview between the great man and an Australian journalist way back in the day!

42 to Doomsday - Staff Xmas Party in Jul…August!

42 to Doomsday - Staff Xmas Party in Jul…August!

August 19, 2022

Episode 103 - It's Xmas time but not the one you are expecting! Mark, Dave, Richard and Rob are back together on the couch warding off the winter chills by talking Doctor Who!
Listen to us reminisce about watching the Dalek movies on the big screen in glorious 4K where we were so close we could feel their fire, and then burrow our way down the nostalgia tunnel to the good old pirate VHS scene where we discuss how we got to see and acquire vintage Doctor Who and how technological advances along the way made it much easier to watch out favourite shows without waiting 18 months to hit Australia TV. 

That meddlesome Master is the focus of our Target book club and we are completely bemused by some of the more umm ‘interesting’ turns of phrase from two director's turned authors and crack open our new (and undamaged) Season 22 box sets and discuss the new documentaries, the season as a whole and is there anything else left to say about this turbulent era of the programme? 

All this plus our mid year fanwank of the year awards and will a certain audio production company who ‘love stories’ be given a free pass or again take away the grand prize!

42 to Doomsday - Dragged from the Archives: 1982 (Part 2)

42 to Doomsday - Dragged from the Archives: 1982 (Part 2)

July 18, 2022

Episode 102 – We conclude our look at the Doctor Who news via Celestial Toyroom issues from 1982!

Find out who is on board for the Five / Six Doctors special; the 20th Anniversary documentary that was so good no one can remember it; examine whether Terminus will be terminated; find out who was to return in the ‘The Return’ and what Doctor Who artefacts did those pesky Vandals get their hand on!

All this plus: Which 'Excellent' story topped the season poll, the Doctor Who Gift would we buy, why the producer of Doctor Who issued a ‘cease and desist’ order and Rob’s reaction to a certain ex-Doctor Who composed a theme song for a children’s TV show!!


42 to Doomsday - Dragged from the Archives: 1982 (Part 1)

42 to Doomsday - Dragged from the Archives: 1982 (Part 1)

June 30, 2022

Episode 101 – We are back and we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the debut of the 5th Doctor Who by dragging through our fanzine collections of yesteryear, looking at all the Doctor Who news from 1982.  It’s so chunky we are splitting this over 2 episodes!
Travel back with us to the year where the first computer virus was unleased on the world, the greatest microcomputer designed by man was released and MJ was on top of the charts (Shamone!). 

In this episode we see how in Doctor Who Land fans were awaiting ‘Time ---- Flight’ with baited breath!  Find out WHO topped the Daily Mail ‘Hero’ awards, there is an in-depth interview with the actress who played the Doctor’s companion Byssa (!) and coverage of the cancellation crisis of 1982 (and was the producer the first to know?)
All this plus our new ‘Battle of Wits segment, listener feedback (both written and verbal), and by unpopular demand Mark unleashes his latest batch of ‘jokes’! #prayforrob


42 to Doomsday - Top 5 Master stories and NCUTI GATWA!

42 to Doomsday - Top 5 Master stories and NCUTI GATWA!

May 13, 2022

Episode 100 – Australia’s oldest Doctor Who podcast is back and what a way to celebrate our 100th episode by the BBC announcing the newest of new Doctors, NCUTI GATWA!

Mark and (real) Rob gather to discuss the impact and implications of this stunning casting news before Mark and Melbourne’s own Rob Lloyd thrash out (our long delayed Top 5 Master stories - with a dash of real Rob and a whole heap of appalling acting!) as well as the suggestions from our loyal listeners / followers!

So pour yourself and nice glass of TCE, drezzz for the occasion and strap yourselves in, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us for the last 100 episodes and here’s to 100 more (at least!)

42 to Doomsday - The John Nathan Turner Production Diary 1979-1990

42 to Doomsday - The John Nathan Turner Production Diary 1979-1990

April 10, 2022

Episode 99 - Mark and Rob are (surprised) and delighted to welcome acclaimed Doctor Who researcher and writer Richard Molesworth on to the podcast to discuss his soon to be released book The John Nathan-Turner Production Diary 1979-1990.

Richard gives us an in-depth view of writing the book, the new nuggets of information he uncovered while putting the book together and offers a candid assessment of JNTs time as producer.
We also discuss Richard's other work, particularly Wiped! Doctor Who's Missing Episodes and his involvement as Project Manager on the Doctor Who Blu Ray range including the upcoming Season 22 Blu-ray set!
The John Nathan-Turner Production Diary 1979-1990 is released 1 May 2022, but we urge all our listeners to pre-order directly from Telos Publishing here:
42 to  Doomsday - Simply the Worst!

42 to Doomsday - Simply the Worst!

March 11, 2022

Episode 98 – In this episode we flip the ‘what is the best story to show a non-Doctor Who fan?’ criteria on its head and discuss with the chaps from the Diddly Dum podcast ‘what would be the worst story you could ever introduce someone to Doctor Who?’

Both the classic and new series are not safe from their ‘suggestions’ including some ‘sacred cows’ (blasphemers!) being slain!

Loads of listeners suggestions culminate in a Top. 10 countdown that surely will be on any Doctor Who fan’s ‘avoid’ list.

All this and how will they ‘fix’ A Fix with a Sontaran on the upcoming Season 22 boxset, our thoughts on cash for conventions and the demise of Australia’s greatest TV export (and no its not Love Thy Neighbour – In Australia!)

42 to Doomsday Staff Xmas Party – Seventh Heaven!

42 to Doomsday Staff Xmas Party – Seventh Heaven!

January 21, 2022

Episode 97 – It's time again for our regular (and slightly delayed) 7th staff Christmas party (or as we are calling it our Summer Special!) where Mark is joined by Dave, Richard and Rob (via time eddy!) in a 2 hour plus extravaganza talking all things Doctor Who!

We digest and regurgitate over Flux, discuss what makes a good TV producer, especially in the context of our favourite program,  chat about our Top 3 Deaths in Doctor Who, Target Book Club where we revisit the novels of writers who only had one stab and then....our big one!  That's right, the much heralded Fanwank of the Year Awards © where we nominate our ‘highlights’ for 2021. Does Big Finish runaway with all the awards, or do we have bigger fish to fry?

So strap yourselves in as we chat and laugh our way through our topics.  Plus, who is the Laura Ashley of Doctor Who and more  importantly will Rob’s Time Eddy be able to smash through the Vortex without the power of Patreon funds!!??

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